Thinking of Selling Your Northern Virginia House During the “Off Season?”

sold key for seller picIt is well known that more homes sell in spring and early summer than in the fall and winter. However, if you are ready to sell your home now don’t let this “seasonality” factor scare you into thinking that you can’t or shouldn’t sell your home now if you are ready. Now may be the perfect time! Consider these factors:

  • There is a shortage of “good” inventory on the market right now. Most inventory that is on at this time of year is “old,” and has already been dismissed by motivated buyers. Buyers will not act on old inventory that has been on the market for a long time, but they will act NOW on a properly prepared, well priced home in the neighborhood they want
  • Rates are still low, but may be going up soon. Interest rates impact buyers, especially those who are “on the fence” about buying right now. If they find the home they want NOW, they will be motivated to act before rates go up
  • Buyers active in the market this time of year are SERIOUS buyers who will make serious offers, and you have less competition from other sellers who don’t want their property on the market this time of year
  • Many sellers are also buying another house, and they think their home will be worth more in the Spring. Well guess what, that other house you want might also cost more in the Spring. Appropriate pricing is easier to determine now in a less competitive market- do you know what prices and interest rates will be next year? Now may be the perfect time to sell

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