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REAL Estate Commission Class-Action Lawsuits in the Headlines 

You may have read about this or heard information in some financial news reports recently.  Are big changes in real estate commissions coming?  How might recent litigation impact sellers, buyers and real estate agents?  As Principal Broker and Founder of Integrity Real estate Group, I am compelled to share with you my professional opinion and […]

Military Buyers – VA Mortgage Loans – Are You Getting the Best Deal From Lenders? Are VA “Affinity Programs” Costing You Money Behind the Scenes?

Since 1944 the Federal VA mortgage loan guaranty program has helped those who serve our country realize the dream of home ownership. Because VA loans are backed by the government you can buy a home with no down payment, no PMI, competitive interest rates, and it is easier to qualify because there is less risk […]

House with a Great Backyard? How Much is it Worth in Northern Virginia?

Have you noticed that in the close-in counties in Northern Virginia that lot sizes on houses are getting smaller and smaller? Especially in new house communities. That’s because there is little or no land left to build on in the “easy-commuting” locations.  Much of the new building for single family homes is called “in-fill” development.  […]